Sunday, 15 July 2012

Hair colour?!!

So lately ive been pondering what colour hair i should go because im so fed up of the colour it is now and i fancy a complete change..i keep changing my mind(im so indecisive its annoying!) Do i go light blonde, caramel blonde, dip dye, dark blonde, eeekkk i just dont know! I've added some pictures of colours that im loving but i just dont know which one to go for..i need help, thats where you guys come in, i would really really appreciate your opinions of what you'd think would be best because i completely stuck on what to do(sad face) 

 Pjay xoxox

Hey babbas, gahh im really disappointed that ive not blogged in a long time, i apologise. I will start blogging more often from now on. This post is about this lip butter that ive been using, i nabbed it off the mother(she won't mind..i hope!) its soooo nice, the smell is lovely(im a sucker for coconut) it makes my lips really soft and lovely after using it, i constantly just open it and smell it..i cant help myself(that makes me weird..hahaha!)

Pjay xoxo

Friday, 6 July 2012

I love rimmel.

I absolutely love rimmel nail varnish, they have got to be my ultimate fave. They go on so nicely and the colour you get is always good. The one i recently bought is 'green with envy' and i LOVE it like actually love it, the colour is goregous and it has a nice shine to it. It dont take long to dry which is a bonus because i hate waiting for my nails to dry i always end up smudging them which is soooo annoying! The brush is also fab because it fits to the size of you nails so you basically just have to do one coat and its covered the whole of your nail and you dont have to worry about the edges because they're covered..i cant stress how much i love it, i will 100% be purching more of these nail polishes.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Howdy partnersss,(i have no idea why i just said that hahaha!) well hope you're all well, this is just a quick post to say hey! I purchased a new nail varnish from rimmel the other day which i absolutely love, im not at home so ive not go the bottle to look at the name but when im home i'll update this and let ya'll know. I added a black cross just to add abit more to it and i thought it looked pretty awesome, but that might just be me haha! rightioo im off, me cuppa is getting cold boohooo(hate when that happens) byeee!

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Wake me up foundation!

This is my absolute LOVE, im so glad i purchased this! Its so light on your skin and makes you look refreshed, its easy to build up the colour by adding more gradually. I've been trying to find a right foundation for myself for ages and i seen lots of good things about this so i tried it out and im so happy i did, because i'd be lost without it now, its my absolute favourite. I have found a new love for rimmel and will be trying out more rimmel products in the near future, very excited! If you havent tried it i'd 100% recommend it :)!

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Whats in my bag?!


So basically i couldnt wait and just wanted to get cracking with this post so here it is. I have some random things in my bag that i completely forgot about..ooopps!

Sneaky inside view :)

I have a notebook in my bag because im forever writing things down because i always forget things(im really bad at it..eeekk!) this was actually my little sisters but she gave it to me because she already had one like this, awhh she's a cutey! I kinda have to grab it and not look at the cupcakes though because it makes me so hungry for cupcakes, mmmm they look soooo good!
 I have my glasses case but no classes, hmmm i probably put them somewhere and forgot knowing me, im sure they'll pop up somewhere(i hope).

When i first saw this i was like YESSSSS mini eggs but then i realised it was empty *sad face*! Mini eggs are pretty much up there with my favourite chocolates, they're just sooooo good! Okay i gotta stop talking about them my mouth is pretty much watering typing this!(hahaha)

 Why these are in my bag i dont know, considering we've had pretty much NO sun at all!
Cute little hello kitty pen but this time i pinched this of my sister(ssshhh!)

Found these randomly at the bottom of my bag, i love the blue one so much its so pretty!

 Vaseline for me is just a must have, i always find myself randomly popping it on my lips, i do love abit of vaseline i cant lie.
Last but not least some very tangled up earphones,(ooops) i ALWAYS have to have earphones in my bag because i dont know when im gonna need them, if i dont have them i feel lost(is that weird?!) 

wow okay thats what is in my bag, quite alot of random stuff haha, i just realised my purse weren't there, ive probably mislaid that aswell, best go look for it before i forget! 

hope you all have a lovely day, whatever you're doing! 

pjay xoxo


Holaaaaaaaaa! I was just thinking that i might post a what's in my bag post later on, because personally i love seeing what others have in their bags, so i just thought oh why not i might do it also, i actually dont know what i have in my bag if im honest..ohhhh exciting (maybe i'll find some money hidden away..i can only wish!) I'm trying my best at posting as much as i can but i have the flu at the moment which really sucks, so im pretty much stuck in bed, but i thought i'd still blog well try to anyways, but if i dont blog then thats why and i apologize hehehe. Ohhh and i was wondering if anyone would mind if i posted anymore nail art because i have quite alot but i dont want to bore you all so i thought i'd probably just spread it out and post some now and again but please comment if you like me to post some, i'd be more than happy to! :)

Thankyou so much for you're comments and follows so far it means alot, so thankyou! 
Lots of love 
pjay xoxo

Friday, 22 June 2012

Hi lovelys, i just thought i'd write a quick post to say hey basically and let you know a little about me. First of all my name is paige, but i get called pjay quite alot so yeah i just thought i'd be pjay on here(hope thats okay , hehe). I'm 18 and live in a small village where not alot happens(boring!). Im currently doing a nail course, because i love doing all different nail designs, i just love it. I seem to have developed quite an addiction to shopping, i just cant help myself, everything is just so amazing and i just want it all, a cheeky purchase here and there won't hurt, right?!. I've been toying alot with the idea to start blogging but then i thought why not? its not like i have anything to lose right?!. Im a quite shy person at first but once you know me, my god you know me hehehehe, i dont stop talking, kinda like rambling abit (sorry!). Okay well i shall leave it here before i ramble on anymore and bore you all senseless, hahaha. Feel free to talk to me anytime, i love a good natter (wow i sound like an old woman, hahaha) rightioo im gonna be quiet now!!

lots of love
paige xoxo

daisy nails.

I decided to do my nails randomly the other day it was a raining miserable day so i thought id brighten it up with some summery daisy nails, i think these are rather cute and girly, perfect for the summer(not like we've really had any *sad face*) so yeah i whipped out my nail kit and this is what i ended up with, cute daises with a simple blue background. The blue nail polish was a bargain (only £1 from asda), so i purchased a few colours, which are beaut, At first i was abit sceptical because id never purchased any asda 'george' nail varnish before so i didnt really know if it was any good but then i thought why not as they're on offer and im so happy with my decision, the colours come out really good, on the lighter colours you do need a few coats but apart from that i was very happy with the product at the price of £1 and i do have a slight obsession with nail varnish so that also helped my decision.

Lots of love
pjay xoxo

Fave ring and zebra nails.

Im absolutely in love with this ring at the minute, i wear it pretty much everyday, i love it that much. I love the colours of the ring and that it stands out well. I searched for ages for a ring like this, i eventually found one on ebay and it was just a must have, so i had a cheeky purchase and im very happy i did. I did my nails myself i went for a zebra print on the french tips which i thought looked kinda cool. I do alot of nail designs so i'll be sure posting about them in the near future.

My first ever blog post...yay!

This is my first ever post, wow cant believe i'm actually doing this. I've been toying with the idea of getting a blog for quite a while now but then i just thought oh why not just go for it, so here i am. Basically i just thought i'd blog about the things i love and see where it goes. I'm still trying to get the hang of this so if you have any pointers they would be more than welcome :)