Sunday, 15 July 2012

Hair colour?!!

So lately ive been pondering what colour hair i should go because im so fed up of the colour it is now and i fancy a complete change..i keep changing my mind(im so indecisive its annoying!) Do i go light blonde, caramel blonde, dip dye, dark blonde, eeekkk i just dont know! I've added some pictures of colours that im loving but i just dont know which one to go for..i need help, thats where you guys come in, i would really really appreciate your opinions of what you'd think would be best because i completely stuck on what to do(sad face) 

 Pjay xoxox


  1. I love Cheryl and Caroline's hairstyles!
    Georgia x

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  3. Cheryl's hair looks gorgeous here, I love it short! Really love the colouring Caroline has though :) x

    1. totally agree, i went with carolines hair colour :) x

  4. I absolutely love Caroline's hair on this picture x

  5. Sweetie, I nominated you for the Liebster Blog Awards, please check my blog for further info!
    I love your blog btw!