Sunday, 15 July 2012

Hair colour?!!

So lately ive been pondering what colour hair i should go because im so fed up of the colour it is now and i fancy a complete change..i keep changing my mind(im so indecisive its annoying!) Do i go light blonde, caramel blonde, dip dye, dark blonde, eeekkk i just dont know! I've added some pictures of colours that im loving but i just dont know which one to go for..i need help, thats where you guys come in, i would really really appreciate your opinions of what you'd think would be best because i completely stuck on what to do(sad face) 

 Pjay xoxox

Hey babbas, gahh im really disappointed that ive not blogged in a long time, i apologise. I will start blogging more often from now on. This post is about this lip butter that ive been using, i nabbed it off the mother(she won't mind..i hope!) its soooo nice, the smell is lovely(im a sucker for coconut) it makes my lips really soft and lovely after using it, i constantly just open it and smell it..i cant help myself(that makes me weird..hahaha!)

Pjay xoxo

Friday, 6 July 2012

I love rimmel.

I absolutely love rimmel nail varnish, they have got to be my ultimate fave. They go on so nicely and the colour you get is always good. The one i recently bought is 'green with envy' and i LOVE it like actually love it, the colour is goregous and it has a nice shine to it. It dont take long to dry which is a bonus because i hate waiting for my nails to dry i always end up smudging them which is soooo annoying! The brush is also fab because it fits to the size of you nails so you basically just have to do one coat and its covered the whole of your nail and you dont have to worry about the edges because they're covered..i cant stress how much i love it, i will 100% be purching more of these nail polishes.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Howdy partnersss,(i have no idea why i just said that hahaha!) well hope you're all well, this is just a quick post to say hey! I purchased a new nail varnish from rimmel the other day which i absolutely love, im not at home so ive not go the bottle to look at the name but when im home i'll update this and let ya'll know. I added a black cross just to add abit more to it and i thought it looked pretty awesome, but that might just be me haha! rightioo im off, me cuppa is getting cold boohooo(hate when that happens) byeee!