Sunday, 24 June 2012

Whats in my bag?!


So basically i couldnt wait and just wanted to get cracking with this post so here it is. I have some random things in my bag that i completely forgot about..ooopps!

Sneaky inside view :)

I have a notebook in my bag because im forever writing things down because i always forget things(im really bad at it..eeekk!) this was actually my little sisters but she gave it to me because she already had one like this, awhh she's a cutey! I kinda have to grab it and not look at the cupcakes though because it makes me so hungry for cupcakes, mmmm they look soooo good!
 I have my glasses case but no classes, hmmm i probably put them somewhere and forgot knowing me, im sure they'll pop up somewhere(i hope).

When i first saw this i was like YESSSSS mini eggs but then i realised it was empty *sad face*! Mini eggs are pretty much up there with my favourite chocolates, they're just sooooo good! Okay i gotta stop talking about them my mouth is pretty much watering typing this!(hahaha)

 Why these are in my bag i dont know, considering we've had pretty much NO sun at all!
Cute little hello kitty pen but this time i pinched this of my sister(ssshhh!)

Found these randomly at the bottom of my bag, i love the blue one so much its so pretty!

 Vaseline for me is just a must have, i always find myself randomly popping it on my lips, i do love abit of vaseline i cant lie.
Last but not least some very tangled up earphones,(ooops) i ALWAYS have to have earphones in my bag because i dont know when im gonna need them, if i dont have them i feel lost(is that weird?!) 

wow okay thats what is in my bag, quite alot of random stuff haha, i just realised my purse weren't there, ive probably mislaid that aswell, best go look for it before i forget! 

hope you all have a lovely day, whatever you're doing! 

pjay xoxo


  1. Bet you were gutted the mini egg tube was empty!! I like your bag! And your daisy nails in one of your previous posts are gorgeous btw ;)

    1. I totally was hehehe! awhhh thankyouuu hun :) x

  2. Love that bag. I always find little bits of jewellery in my bag, you never know when your going to need it!

    1. thankyou :) that is very true, i always have bits in there randomly!xx

  3. Haha the inside of your bag reminds me of mine... A glasses case with no glasses!
    Lovely blog :) now following you!
    Georgia x

    1. haha my bag is just random, ive luckily found my glasses now :)awhh thankyou, following you too, i love your blog :) x

  4. Where's your bag from? It's laaavly. I like carrying notebooks around with me but always forget to use them...that's bad isn't it haha?!xx

    1. My bag was from select i dont know if they still have it because i got a few months back, haha same with me i use them now and again :) xx