Sunday, 24 June 2012


Holaaaaaaaaa! I was just thinking that i might post a what's in my bag post later on, because personally i love seeing what others have in their bags, so i just thought oh why not i might do it also, i actually dont know what i have in my bag if im honest..ohhhh exciting (maybe i'll find some money hidden away..i can only wish!) I'm trying my best at posting as much as i can but i have the flu at the moment which really sucks, so im pretty much stuck in bed, but i thought i'd still blog well try to anyways, but if i dont blog then thats why and i apologize hehehe. Ohhh and i was wondering if anyone would mind if i posted anymore nail art because i have quite alot but i dont want to bore you all so i thought i'd probably just spread it out and post some now and again but please comment if you like me to post some, i'd be more than happy to! :)

Thankyou so much for you're comments and follows so far it means alot, so thankyou! 
Lots of love 
pjay xoxo

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