Tuesday, 4 August 2015


HELLO, to my followers, if anyone actually follows my blog anymore? i just wanted to say, i suck, like i genuinely suck at this whole blogging thing. I said that i would try and blog more and i completely failed, i think it's because in the back of my head i'm just constantly thinking who will want to read what i have to say anyway? why would anyone take the time out their day to read what i have to say? i just don't see why anyone would but with all that said i really want to get back into the whole blogging thing even though i kind of never was into it. I think i'm just going to start from a fresh like this is a new chapter of a brand new notebook, which i want to make the best notebook yet, full of nothing but honesty, feelings and anything in between. I want to do this for me, for me to see that i can stick at something, also i could maybe use this blog as an outlet for me, to come when i need to escape the reality of real life. So yeah maybe i just want to use this space as an escape for myself, kind of like a little hidden island that no one knows about but me, somewhere i can go to escape and express anything i want to. Sometimes i just feel so trapped in real life, with nobody to turn to or anywhere to go. Woah getting a little deep here (hope you got your snorkels out!). I feel like this blog will be good for me, I dont have anything set in stone on what i want to post on here, i thought that I'd just go with the flow and see what comes to me at the time, instead of planning things that I'm not really into. But anyway I hope you stick with me and continue to read but if you don't that ok.

Goodbye for now, until next time..(I promise it won't be in another years time, hehe!)
Lots of love,
PJ x

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